Auckland Panoramic

I’ve added a set of images to the collection which date back to 1912. They are a set of photos taken by the Auckland photographer Henry Winklemann, who was a prolific photographer and captured many scenes of Auckland at the start of the last century.

He was born in the UK in 1860 and moved to New Zealand 1978. Following a career working for the Bank of New Zealand, he set himself up as a photographer, with a studio in Victoria Arcade.

His collection is now almost entirely online via Auckland City Library. To view his work click here

Here are images of the original glass plates, which Winklemann exposed from the tower of the then new Ferry Building on Friday 19 July 1912:


The panorama was published shortly afterwards in a supplement to the Auckland Weekly News (01 AUGUST 1912 – p009)


The images were produced as a series of 6 postcards. The scene was hand coloured for publishing.


I’ve scanned and merged the individual postcards to create a single panoramic image, which is now available as a print.



They are in the collection as colour and black and white images here.

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